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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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Brian Clancy

Math/Engineering Instructor

"Brian Clancy is my name; teaching Math and CTE (and anything nerdy) is my game! Here's some info about me:

Personal Life- I grew up in an mostly hispanic suburb north of Boston, MA. I love Boston, and I sometimes miss having all that diversity, history and fall scenery around me. I went out to Utah to go to BYU, get my bachelor's degree and find a girl to marry. My wife and partner in crime is named Stephanie, and she is one of the funnest, sweetest, and most adventurous girls you would ever meet. I also have a little boy named Boston who is super friendly and loves to go on hikes with me. I previously lived in Cedar City and loved hiking there! I miss those red rocks, but you can still find me spending my weekends with my wife and my toddler (in a baby hiking carrier) hiking trails along the Wasatch Front. If you want to talk about BYU Sports, Jazz Music, or if you want to share any good hiking trails with me, I would be happy to talk with you about them. 

Professional Life- I received my B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from BYU in 2016. I spent some time working as a municipal engineer (a civil engineer that specializes in city projects- streets, water lines, land development, etc.) in the consulting field, but I found that I was just too extroverted to be doing design/drafting work all day. Thus, I decided to switch careers and go into teaching.  I previously worked for UMA at the Hill Field Campus in Riverdale as a Math and CTE Teacher. Most days, I love the sass and energy or teenagers. I love the thrill of presentation and teaching. I love taking kids who normally don't like math and science, and helping them see how to use what they learn as creative tools. I also love the military and give praise to our veterans and soldiers at arms. My Father was a veteran of the Airborne who earned a Bronze Star in Grenada. I also tried to be a civil engineer with the Seabees in the Navy CEC Program, but was turned down for health reasons. I am honored to once again be teaching with UMA and look forward to working with the next generation of creators and innovators. 

If you have any questions, here is my email address: