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A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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Burke Becklund

8th Grade Math Instructor

  • Grew Up in Minnesota 
  • BA in Chinese
  • ESL Endorsement
  • LEGO NXT Coach
  • Level 1 Math Endorsement
  • Working on Jr. High Math Instructional Masters
  • Taught in Utah at Hill Field Elementary and UMA.
  • Utah State Junior Engineering Program Coordinator
  • Presenter for Educational Technology Conference
  • Presenter for Math Talk training
  • Lived in China, Korea, and Taiwan.
  • Study abroad in China
  • Languages: Chinese, Korean, German 
  • Hobbies: Martial Arts, Fencing, Sport Climbing, Rollerblading, Cube Puzzles, Chess 

Burke Becklund grew up in Minnesota, and would go shovel the neighborhood pond and go ice skating with his sisters. He visited Yellowstone many summers where he stayed with his police ranger uncle. Burke was in a boy's choir which toured the United States and Europe. His mother insisted on him taking at least two years of piano before learning to play the French horn in school. Burke competed on a community swim team and his jr. high gymnastics team. During high school he was was on the honor roll. Burke made his own dance video and won a Hip Hop dance competition. He was active in various high school extra curricular activities. He is a third of four generations of Eagle Scouts. Burke was awarded second place at the University of Minnesota annual Chinese speech event. While Studying abroad in in Tian Jing China, he was invited to be an extra in a ballroom dance scene. Due to having ballroom dance skills, he was an arms distance from Jet Lee. After graduating from college Burke sought employment with various government positions. Fortunately, he went to Taiwan to teach English at a boarding school. All of the American teachers encouraged him to go into teaching. After Burke came back from Asia he substitute taught an English and ballroom dance classes. He also substituted for the Hunter High Drill Team. Burke has always found himself teaching near a military base. He has been a guest at various military bases including Dugway elementary base as a Utah State Jr. Engineering program coordinator.