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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.


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Camp Williams Newsletter

Uniform Infractions

One of the things that sets UMA apart is that we require cadets to be in uniform. We are asking for your support as we enforce the expectation that every cadet is in uniform every day. The most common uniform infractions are ID badges, hats, and belts. If a cadet does not have their ID badge their student account will be charged $6 and they will be given a new ID badge. Please check to ensure that your cadet has all of the needed uniform components before leaving home in the morning. After five uniform infractions cadets will receive one day of Out of School Suspension(OSS).

Giving Week

Our HOPE Squad will be putting on a Give week the week of November 26-30th They will have service projects and other activities during the day.  On Friday the 30th we will be putting on a carnival for our Utah Military Academy Family and Friends. The carnival is free and we are taking donations for a local Veterans Family that might be in need during the holidays. The Carnival will be from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on November the 30th.  Come enjoy the night with us!!

Athletics: Week of Nov. 12th - 30th 

  • Nov 12th Monday: Jr High Boys Basketball Game @ Home vs  Providence Hall 4:30
  • Nov 14th  Wednesday Jr High Boys Basketball Game @ Home vs Athlos 4:30
  • Nov 19th Monday: Jr High Boys Basketball Game @ Home vs Renaissance 4:30
  • Nov 20th Tuesday: High School Men’s Basketball Game @ Home vs Juan Diego JV 6:00 Varsity 7:30.  


  • Nov 26th Monday Jr High Boys Basketball Game @ Home vs Summit Academy 4:30
  • Nov 27th Tuesday High School Women’s Basketball Game @ Westlake JV 3:30 Varsity 5:15.
  • Nov 28th Wednesday Jr High Boys Basketball @ Reagan Academy 4:30
  • Nov 28th Wednesday High School Boys Basketball @ APA West Valley JV 5:30  Varsity 7:00.
  • November 29th Thursday High School Women’s Basketball @ APA West Valley JV 5:30, Varsity 7:00.

Make sure and Check out the schedules on our athletics website @

Academic Success Tips

We would like to share a few things that we believe will help your cadet to be more successful in their academics while at Camp Williams - Utah Military Academy.  

Check Grades.

Please check your cadet's grades, assignments, and scores on Aspire. In order to create an Aspire account you need to click on the Aspire link on the website and choose request a username. You will need your cadet's student ID number (on their card) to link your accounts. To see what scores your cadet has received on individual assignments or see what they are missing please click on the name of the class. This will bring up a new page with an assignment/assessment list for that class.  This will help your cadet in discussions with teachers or when looking things up on Canvas.

Attend Intervention Time.

Encourage your cadet to take advantage of the Platoon Intervention time. Currently this is only available for cadets in 9-12th grades. This is during period B5. If a cadet has a D or less in any class they have to go to that class or a study hall room in order to improve their grade. If cadets have a C- or better in all of their classes they can choose to go the gym. All cadets have a chance to retake assessments or redo assignments to get a better grade for a two week period after the initial due date. Have a discussion with your cadet about where they are going to go during Platoon Intervention time on Tuesday, Thursday, and B day Fridays to ensure they are passing all of their classes.

Utilize Canvas.

Many teachers have assignments and assessments available for cadets to access on Canvas.  You can find a link to Canvas through our website. Here is a link to instructions on how to access and use Canvas.

After school Tutoring.

Most teachers are available one or more days after school during Team Time (Tuesday-Thursday) to help cadets. Please contact your cadet's teacher to find out what times they are available after school. Teacher's email addresses are found by clicking the little envelope next to the teacher's name on Aspire.

Lost and Found

All cadets must secure all items to prevent items being stolen- Lockers are issued for use for PE classes. If it is locked it will not be stolen...

Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school the week of November 19th - 23rd.