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UMA administration has been reviewing the attached suggestions from USBE, and we have come to a consensus regarding end-of-year grading and wind down (or is it ramp up?) towards graduation. As always, we greatly appreciate your flexibility and patience. We recognize how exhausting and non-vacation-like this adventure has been, and we applaud you all for your continued success and efforts!


1) Focus on Competency, not Completion

 a) Teachers will accept all late work for full credit

b)  Be flexible and understanding

c) Teachers will excuse assignments or create new ones as they see fit-- to measure competency and give an appropriate grade 

2) Teachers should stop issuing new assignments between May 1-6

3) "Final grades" should be set by May 8th

4) After May 8th, 

a) Teachers will focus on cadets that need to bring up their grades

b) Grades cannot drop, only raise

c) Assessments may be created and given in lieu of other assignments to measure competency

5) Final grades locked in Aspire by May 22nd

6) No Fail - use letter grades, but F’s will be changed to Incomplete

a) Teachers will allow cadets to turn in assignments to fix Incompletes

            b) Final day to fix Incompletes is May 29th 

Directions for SENIORS only:

1) No new assignments after May 1st

2) Final grades posted May 8th

a) No fixing grades (Credit Recovery) after May 8th!

Summer School

We will not be doing Summer school, Credit Recovery ends May 15th. Please get your grades up, and credit recovery done before then. If you need to make up credits this summer, you are welcome to contact Dorius Academy (also known as Northridge Learning Center.) Located in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, and Orem. They sell packets for $75/per quarter Credit. You can also order them online. Upon completion, they will send a certified transcript to UMA, and we can add the grades received, to your transcripts.

Graduation Options

We are still waiting to hear what the Governor will say about the plan of action regarding the Covid 19.  Once that is known we will give you the format for Graduation.  Our hearts go out to the Seniors, as this is usually a fun time for them.  We will make it as fun as possible.

Uniform Return for Cadets not Returning

Please make sure your Cadet returns their uniforms if they are not returning.  If they don’t, then their account will be charged for the price of the missing uniform. Starting the week of May 4th-15th from 0900-1300 MSG Graham will set up on the South, East side of the parking lot with Bins to collect ACU’s and ASU’s the only items he needs back are the ACU shirts and trousers, patrol cap, tan belt, ASU gray short sleeve shirt, blue slakes, black belt with gold buckle, high gloss low quarter shoes, and gray beret. The green polo, oxford shirt (long sleeve) black shoes and tan boots do not need to be returned However; we will accept donations of these items.

Uniform Exchange

Once all the new Air Force Uniforms have been delivered MSG Graham will start exchanging uniforms from Army to Air Force, hopefully on or around the 18th of May. There will be a sign-up genius for this, He will send out an Email with information regarding uniforms exchange.

Locker Clean Out

will be conducted by using Sign Up Genius. If your working schedule does not allow for you to bring your cadet in, please call the school office to schedule an after hours appointment. As of now, we are still in a reduced gathering size, please try to not bring extra family members with you when your cadet comes to clean out their locker. If at that time you know your cadet has passed all their classes, please feel free to bring any Chromebook that has been checked out to your cadet. Click Here to Sign Up: 


If you have questions regarding your graduation status please contact your counselor. Also, If you have credits that need to be recovered continue working hard with credit recovery. The deadline for recovering credits is May 15th. If you have not completed by May 15th, you will not be able to walk in graduation (Whatever form we may be doing)

Chromebook Return

Please read the Grading Policy that has been sent along in this newsletter. If your cadet has a sufficient grade in all their classes and they will not be using the Chromebook for school for the rest of May, please feel free to bring the Chromebook with you when you clean out the cadet's locker. If you  still need to use the Chromebook for school work, we will be sending out another Sign Up Genius at the end of May for Chromebooks to be returned the first week of June for families who have been issued Chromebook(s). 

Facebook - From FSG to PIC

We have some exciting changes.  One of which will be shutting down the FSG page.  This is because our parent group will no longer be called the Family Support Committee.  Our new parent group will now be called Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) starting May 1st.   

You will be invited to this private group.  So please don’t share your invitation to anyone.  ONLY UMA parents/guardians are invited to this group.  We appreciate all the things our FSG group has done for UMA!  Thanks!