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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.


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CPT Joseph E. Elliott (Retired) US Army

Commandant of Cadets

My military career spans just shy of 5 – yes – 5 decades. Started with

enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in February 1969 to ending at

the Casualty & Mortuary Affairs Unit-Human Resource Command, US

Army June 2012. I went straight to the Army Cadet Command as a Senior

Army Instructor for Junior ROTC.

My first JROTC unit was in the middle of the Navajo Nation, Pinon, AZ.

The school required 2 semesters of JROTC for graduation. We had 185

Cadets each year out of a school of 389 students! While at Pinon HS we

became one of the top feeder high schools for New Mexico Military

Institute-getting 12 Cadets accepted and 5 of those in the Early

Commissioning Program (ECP) with full 4 year ROTC scholarships. I was

able to get Pinon HS JROTC approved as the 6 th or 7 th CTE certified

JROTC in the state of Arizona meaning added funding of about $125,000

yearly to the school!

Leaving Pinon we returned to our home of record in Missouri for the recent

2 years as a Senior Army Instructor at the Missouri Military Academy

(MMA) and had the opportunity to open a new JROTC unit in Boonville,

MO. My drill team at placed 2 nd in the very first drill competition by

AMCSUS. At Boonville’s first year our CyberPatriot, Academic bowl and

Leadership bowl teams all finished first in their state divisions!

I made it a mission to create working relationships with the Rotary, DAR,

VFW, American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, Navy’s Blue to Gold, 9-11

Stair Climb of MidMissouri, Kemper Military Academy Alumni Association,

and all branches of US military recruiters.

I sought out this position at UMA because I whole heartedly agree with the

Academy’s “Vision & Mission”. I will create the atmosphere as laid out in

Cadet Command’s mission statement-“To motivate young people to be

better citizens” and the Army’s 7 values- LDRSHIP-Loyalty, Duty, Respect,

Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage. I want our Cadets to

learn and love to serve something greater than themselves. I want the

Cadets to learn to want to be the cream of the crop while still being humble.

I want their self confidence and esteem to grow!

Now my wife of 49 years this June and I are truly excited to join UMA.

Please note that my photo is a Department of the Army official photo and

we are not supposed to smile. I am actually quite personable. I love being

and serving in uniform.


CPT J E Elliott

US Marine Corps, US Army (Retired)