UMA Camp Williams AFJROTC

Utah Military Academy

Camp Williams Campus

  • Drill Team.  This team performs in state and national drill competitions and demonstrations.  Team practices are conducted during drill class.  Before-school and after-school practices are sometimes needed to prepare for competitions.  Cadets can earn a shoulder cord, the Drill Team Ribbon, and the Special Teams Placement Ribbon.
  • Raider Team. Raider Team is a group dedicated to becoming the strongest version of themselves. There are team meetings and workouts throughout the week. During these meetings cadets participate in fitness exercises, land navigation, leadership reaction courses, learning Morse code, and many other activities. Raider Team is for the most dedicated cadets who are willing to push the limits and be prepared for any obstacle they may face.  Cadets can earn a shoulder cord and the Special Teams Placement ribbon by competing on the Raider Team.
  • Marksmanship Team.  This team competes in AFJROTC air rifle competitions at the region and state levels.  Cadets must first complete a safety training class before participating in practices and competitions.  Cadets can earn a shoulder cord, the Marksmanship Ribbon, and the Special Teams Ribbon.
  • Color Guard. The AFJROTC Color Guard teams present the national/state/school flags at school and community functions.  Only cadets with exemplary behavior, outstanding uniform and personal appearance standards, and a thorough knowledge of drill and ceremonies will be selected.  Cadets can earn the Color Guard Ribbon by participating in 5 AFJROTC color guards.
  • Awareness Presentation Team (APT).  This team provides positive role models for elementary and middle school students.  APT members talk to students about social issues such as drug/alcohol education, bullying, healthy lifestyles, and staying in school.  Your involvement in this social issue awareness and training brings our corps favorable publicity and is a valuable social service to the community.  Cadets can earn an APT badge to wear on the uniform if they participate inTHREEevents.  Since APT members are in the public eye, they must conform to all UMA and AFJROTC dress, grooming, and behavior standards to participate.
  • Recruiting Team.  This team is crucial to the AFJROTC program.  They develop plans for recruiting students into Utah Military Academy, and participate in recruiting exhibitions in the surrounding area.  Students can earn the Recruiting Ribbon as a member of this team.
  • Kitty Hawk Air Society.  This club is composed of the top academic scholars in UT-20201.  Cadets must be in grades 10-12 and have a 3.6 GPA or better to join.  KHAS members will do service projects in the school and community.  They will also be available to tutor students during the Tuesday-Friday Tutorial period.