Parental Involvement Committee (PIC)

PIC Policies serve as the Parent & Family Engagement Policies for Utah Military Academy, Per Title I. 

Meet the PIC

  • President - Lori Vollmer
  • Vice President - Angi Snyder
  • Secretary - Open Position, please reach out to for information. 
  • Treasurer - Kimberly Horinek

UMA PIC Policy: Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

Parent-School Compact  

V O L U N T E E R 

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Here at UMA we want to make sure that everyone is heard and understood! If you have ideas, questions, or any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the PIC!  After all, we are your Parental Involvement Committee, and it's what we are here for!  

Contact or make a submission on the website under "I'm having trouble with"  

  • If you or your cadet need specialized attention, please get in contact with your Counselor
    *Ms. Elaine Wilson School Counselor -cadets last names A-K
    *Ms. Liz Swanson Guidance Counselor -cadets last names L-Z
  • We encourage you to be active in your cadets academics and chosen Team Time events, Clubs, and Athletics. Please get in contact with your leaders and see how you can get involved with fundraising, offering support, and other assistance
  • Parental Involvement Committee 3-5 volunteers needed assisting Fundraising Chair, coordinating fundraising details & VP of Academics If you would like to join the PIC team please contact the PIC at  

You can complete your VOLUNTEER HOURS by filling out our electronic form online: Click Here

HAVE AN IDEA? We would like to hear from you! 

Here at UMA we rely greatly on Family Involvement and Fundraising to make many of our Team Time activities possible and to host many of our ongoing student activities. We thank you kindly for all that you have done and continue to do to support these groups.

More information to come!