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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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Melanie Evers

English Instructor

My family, faith, friends, business, and teaching allow opportunities to appreciate and love every aspect of my world. Life is a balancing act, and I love the inherent challenge of balancing as well as the thrill of existing in the moment.  Flexibility works well for me on many levels. I delivered the Auburn Journal every morning from the 8th to the 15th years of my life.  The quiet of the mornings provided a perfect setting for my young thoughts to blossom.  From Auburn to Salt Lake City to Los Angeles to Portland to Draper, my life has been an awesome adventure thus far.  Being mom to three totally awesome kids is a privilege and responsibility I cherish.I attended University of Utah and later graduated with honors from California State University, Los Angeles (Bachelor of Arts,  English). Words can and do move individuals, communities, nations, and even the world.  Each of us has an individual voice, and I want my students to know the tremendous value within each of their voices, to know their voices well, and to learn how to effectively communicate and exercise the power of their voices.