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First and Foremost; To be a member of the Raider Platoon you must maintain a 2.0 GPA. To earn your Beret, you must complete the following events in a Three-day period.



30 Push-ups in one min,

50 Sit ups in one min,

7 Overhand pull-ups,

One mile run under 6:45

One lap around the track with 30lbs. Backpack under 1:45

and with Drill Rifle under in 1:25.



15 Push-ups in one min,

50 Sit ups in one min,

7 Pull ups or flex arm hang for 60 secs.

One mile run under 7:45,

One lap around the track with 30lbs Ruck under 2:10

and with Drill Rifle only in under 1:45.


To earn the “Fully Qualified” RAIDER title; the cadet must also must also complete and pass the Army APFT, 6 Mile Foot March, and write a 1000-word essay on a Special Operations Unit of their choice.  Complete and pass these events to earn the RAIDER Tab, Raider certification will be conducted by MSG Graham, SFC Garn, MAJ Peterson or the Raider Platoon Commander.

Utah Military Academy Valdez-Peterson 2017-2018 Raider Team! 

Raiders Warm-Up! 

Florida Competition Update 

On 5 May 2018 our Marauders Raider team competed in the National JROTC Fitness Challenge Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. The All-Service Fitness Nationals are comprised of five total team events.

  • 3K Team Run 
  • Pull-ups/Flex Arm Hang
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Weighted Ball 
  • Seated Power throw
  • Physical Team Test

These events are designed to test the Cadets physically, as well as their ability to work together as a team. Teams must enter and obtain a score in all five events in their division to be eligible for the overall title. All JROTC units in good standing are eligible to enter and compete.There were 22 Schools that participated with a total of 28 Teams from across the nation 19 Coed/Mixed & 9 Men’s Teams.

Our Team Placed 9th 

  • Cadet Caden Prestwich Took 1 st Place in the individual pull-up competition coming in with 31 pull-ups.
  • Cadet Allison Gardner placed 1st in the individual obstacle course with a time of 00:54.54 Seconds.

Our team took 2nd Place overall in Pull-ups/Flex arm hang competition, and 5th overall in seated/weighted ball throw.

This was UMA-Marauders Raider teams first year at this event and the Cadets performed extraordinary! More importantly, they worked together as a team, helped each other, represented our academy well and had a lot of fun!