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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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Thomas Evans

Science Instructor

My education has been broad and eclectic, though with focus on understanding how life on earth has changed over time, and the logical and philosophical underpinnings of how science is performed. I attended the University of Washington and earned B.S. degrees in Geological Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry (with a minor in Chemistry). I then attended Washington University and earned an M.A. in Paleo biology. After spending two years teaching in the Seattle area, I went back to school to earn a PhD in Earth Sciences and a Certificate in College Teaching from Montana State University. Personally I am a typical geologist, a little quirky, love the out of doors, and I have a strong sense of play, wonder, and awe at the natural world that surrounds me. In short, I am a classic rock nerd! In my spare time I am an avid caver, canyoneer, backpacker, and technical rescuer (think rescuing people with ropes). I run a nonprofit that performs rope and rigging research for rescuers so they have free access to trustworthy data upon which to base their rigging decisions, and I volunteer with local search and rescue whenever I can.